Won’t Know Yet

I feel it rousing me

The messy melody

Of a kid I used to know

Major yells, minor bells

Seconds lie, and thirds dispel

In an uncharted key

Hold your peace

Don't speak to me, don't speak to me

I won't know yet

No guarantees, no guarantees

The claw resets, be at ease

The creature can't retrieve

The pincher goes for a squeeze

Notice, it's grip's too weak

Made to piss you off


Superfluous junk

Appendage, Appendage

I can’t bet on everything, on everything

Please don't make me swear, on anything, on anything

I cannot bet on everything, on everything

Please don't make me swear, on anything on anything

Certainly at best, there’s no giving in

You spent all your luck on the mystery

and now you’re here so soon


i suppose it’s 

quite confusing

when we chose whither, we bloomed


Fortunately, we ended up with a product

likewise, we ended up with something we’re proud of

i don’t know exactly what you are into

i don’t know if we even should continue

it’s just the things that make us whole, yet make us different 

it signifies the

interesting oversight 

of the best and worst of the best


Who keeps you like this? in these highs and states of momentary bliss?

what keeps you clever, will keep, you most likely, forever


Man, I’m changing, I’m not relating, to this or anything, 

I get it, everything is cheesy, I accept it 

You think everything’s your fault 

But you don’t even have a single bad thought


it’s our job to get soaked in the ridiculous 

It’s our time to be inconclusive hedonists

I don’t care exactly what you are into

I don’t care just as long as it’s meaningful

So, certainly at worst, i find myself witnessing

over and over again and asking




i know you’ve had fun

So, let me tell you that it’s just begun

you think it’s ending, ya

the ory bory is biting it’s ass again, and again and again


You keep me like this, in these highs and states of momentary bliss

You keep me clever, from me to you, forever

You want a treat

wanna find unknown things

sweat from your mouth

saliva drippings

you wanna lecture

pour all that fluid out

a throat for a urethra

uti-ed, antibiotic shot


Look at them closely


do they hold all the answers?

fast forward them slowly

are they acting or just a fractal?


Does not give them the right to be mean to me


they think they're old, but they'll never succeed


I'll live faster


You'll love longer

I'll miss you more

We'll be careful

Appetite for nothing simple

I'm always gonna feel weak

Cheek to cheek


Look at him closely


does he want all the answers?

will you fall for his story?

wise or is he just weathered?


Does not give him the right to be mean to me


he thinks he's been there, but it's very unlikely

does not give him the right to be mean to me

anticipating, i'm like that don't ya see...


I'll want more


you'll love better

closer now, turn your head, warm my nose,

baby, sigh for me sigh for me


I'm always gonna feel weak

Cheek to cheek


through the window sill, he'll show you crass appeal

like the spinning wheel of a ship that carries a burden

three or two-fold years, we'd sail until the fog clears

around the peaks, we would gather our opinions


it's really really quite, simple...

when you're obsessing over a before & after picture

what is a replacement...

when nothings gone, when nothings wrong

i won't let you predict my, future


it's really really quite simple–

but two versions of old can make this very very difficult

my skins already red, but still i'd paint myself

to match to wash & look like you... and see myself...


through the window sill, she'll show you crass appeal

like a spinning wheel, of a deal that traffics your burden

i'd have one more night, surprisingly clandestine

for indulgence gave birth to our, distance

we come for lunch, it's the customary voluptuous scrunch

hunch and munch, whole bunch



wasting time, got my hand on the chim

the words & the rhyme

(there's) a grin on my face

i feel out of place because


nobody seems like, they're my friend, my friend

and true this, my sorrow will never end


ticket (picket) line inches from rain

crowding up memory lane

someone is pulling the chain

and all we can do is complain


we come for lunch, it's your seventh ladeling of fruit punch

ice crunch! whole bunch.

wasting time, got my hand on the dime

a nursery rhyme

and it starts with once upon a time, ya

fairy-godmother of what sweet surprise

you've got a long wand, but no determination in your eyes

you've heard my sad calling, you've seen my demise

now help me dear fairy and please sympathize


oh daddy daddy, i can't chop this here wood

my legs are so tired, and my arm is no good

oh don't walk away, you've misunderstood

now please come back & do what you should

so so so my new record player goes


i don't even know whose my friend or foe

go go go my pi-no-chi-o

you lie lie to me, and now look at it grow


pull up your anchor and sail to the shore


cuz boy you know that i don't want your (bullshit) no more

where is my smiling, the joy i had before?

everything changed when you walked through my door


throw throw throw you out of my window


"you should have done this long ago..."

snow snow snow can't trust cupid’s bow

thoughts are high and low, we dance heel to toe

bouncing through the air, it's almost criminal, (to) face the walls of timeless fury

with synthetic fog & cosmic principles, my endeavors will be granted



oh say no. you've got a rag, don't be sad. just throw it on the floor


oh but you're so thirsty. well, that's too bad.


of say yes. guess who's calling, guess who's running... running after you


i'm not impressed... unless... i'm...


bouncing through the air, it's all subliminal, speak the words of hopeless fury

with synthetic fun, the fun you wish you were, when you're six-less substance

stilted fate & rain of endures so much possibilities

can of olive, peach, butterscotch melodies

how can you be...


such a beastly animal? fall. geronimo.


onto those, lips so soft– though i can't breathe

of course...


remember much of red & black (that's dried red, and it intensifies)


forgotten necklace, calling running back to you. hope you remember too, and my...


pleated monologue. short and accented.


"did you make it up?"

"yes of course... of course, silly."


sticky. tricky. conversation.


risky. picky. connotation.


such a fascination, feelings right down to my feet to my–


dreary invitation– that was denied. of course.

such a suspicion. instincts comb through my hair, however, possible

this was. it was. it is. that is. that was.

of course