The 'new and improved' Nahneen Kula website

Hello World,

The new website has risen. 

Like most websites, all of our news and info will be aggregated here. 

I hope you will enjoy it. I also hope you feel terribly depressed after you tuck yourself into bed tonight. I also hope that you wake up the next day feeling refreshed and optimistic. But then I also hope that exactly 16 hours after waking up feeling very refreshed and optimistic with thoughts of your life aspirations, suddenly and without warning, you find yourself in an incredibly painful emotional state. The very moment you tilt your head back upon your $45 down pillow (gifted), tears collapse into the crusted canyons of wrinkles around your sunken eyes. You squirm with a gripping and antagonizing headache that extends to the most lowest point of your spine.

Then I wish that the very next morning, yes, the very next morning, you wake up with song birds chirping endearingly on your bedroom window sill. And when they reach the high pitch of C6, your wide mouth opens, and you will join them in The Harmonious Triumphant Melody. 




If you haven't checked out the nk Soundcloud yet or have not listened to the PUT IT WITH MINE album teaser here it 'tis: