Los Angeles-based musician, Nahneen Kula, blends organic and electronic instrumentation with samples and the graceful vocals of it’s namesake singer, guitarist, and producer Charlene Gibbs, to create an ethereal mixture of experimental pop. Her debut LP release, "Put It With Mine", is an ode to unconventional friendships and farewells, revealing the present-day idealizations of compositions and recordings of Nahneen Kula's past.

Nahneen Kula - Put It With Mine

‘Put It With Mine’ is Nahneen Kula’s collaboration with her younger self. Written as a teenager, much of the music began as sketches from her youth. After several years, she revisited the songs and completed what became the finished album. 

Beginning with a blueprint of vocals and acoustic guitar, Nahneen composed lush textures and layers of live strings and brass, synths, and samples to create an immersive soundscape. With bass player Sammy Rothman and drummers Cameron Miller and Travis Drum, the songs were given a new perspective and energy.

Opening with the calm and serene acoustic guitars in Cheek to Cheek, it slowly eases the listener into the album the same way its ends. Like bookends on a shelf, the stripped down and haunting title track ends leaving the listener wondering what will come next.

The second to last song on the record, the gnarled and bombastic, ‘Mine’ features the current live band of Austin Page, Cameron Miller, Charlene Gibbs, and Sammy Rothman. 

Recorded primarily at Sammy and Nahneen’s Pancakes House Records in Long Beach, ‘Put It With Mine’ was tracked using mostly equipment made by her and friends specifically for the album. Many of the songs were transferred and vocals recorded directly to an old 1970s MCI tape machine from CBS Records maintained by the band. From the main vocal mic created by Nathan Bowers and Sammy, to the preamps put together by Charlene, the album was really conceived by her from the ground up.

Produced and mixed by Nahneen Kula and mastered by Sammy Kula at AEA Studios.

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